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The Oblates of Holy Sophia is a  feminine order of the Eglise Gnostique Catholique Apostolique , under the Midwest Diocese of the United States.  While primarily organized to serve as an initiatic school for women interested in the gnostic path, most of our rites and events are also open to men who seek the internal unification of the solar and lunar aspects within each of us. 

When we speak of the feminine spiritual experience, we're not talking about a women-only /men-only exoteric event.  Rather, we mean the embracing of the principles of peace, compassion, and receptivity that have come to fall under the category of "feminine".   This principle is beautifully put in the prayer of St. Elizabeth of the Trinity:

I will unite my soul with the Blessed Virgin when the Father overshadowed her, the Son took flesh in her, and the Holy Spirit descended to work the great mystery. May I become pure and perfect to enable God’s will to take form in me.

As Gnostics, our goal is not simply worship or servitude, but is to create an environment that will expand individual consciousness,  promote realization and love  through gnosis of divine Wisdom.  Thus, we are active participants in our own salvation and in the liberation of the Light.  As seekers, we have the teachings of the past from all times and cultures to guide us, for true gnosis knows no worldly bounds; but, moreover, we have our own hearts, our own sparks which emanated from the One True Light to guide us. 



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